Real Estate - not just "location location location," but relationships, strategies, and details!

Getting to know my clients, developing a working relationship, and gaining a keen understanding of your requirements are essential pre-requisites for me to best serve your real estate needs. Pairing that focus on personal service with determination and results-driven action are is the successful formula to reach your  goal as a home-buyer, renter, or seller. Real estate is not an easy process if done properly, but that doesn't mean it can't be a satisfying one that delivers the best possible outcomes and serves your individual needs best!  

The Right Place at the Right Price

Whether you're a renter, first time buyer, or looking to move on to the next home in your life, I am here to serve and help find you the right home at the right price. As of August 2018, northern Virginia has seen 27 months of consecutive housing shortage. Demand far outweighs supply, making a firm grasp of the fast-changing conditions indispensable. It's imperative to deliver an offer with speed, efficiency, precision, a winning strategy, and the best attention to language and detail. I network with superb local partners such as title companies, loan officers and home inspectors to deliver results. Your future is my focus, and I'm lucky to serve in this capacity while doing what I love! 

From "For Sale" to "SOLD"

Selling a home is as momentous an occasion as buying one - perhaps more so, because it's capping years of fond memories in your home with the best possible sales outcome. As a real estate agent dedicated to achieving success, I'm here to support and guide you from the first step through to the finish line. Understanding your needs and circumstances is key to my approach.  There's a shortage of homes for sale in northern Virginia, and maximizing the return on your home in this unique market is more than just being a good negotiator and holding an open house. It involves following the best listing strategies, utilizing online networking tools and platforms to present your home to hundreds of local agents, ensuring your home's condition gives you the best return on investment, and wowing your potential buyers with a sleek presentation. We utilize some of the best online marketing tools available to make your listing prominent, attractive, and generate competitive offers. Let's take the first step in your journey today! 

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